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glassRUN press conference published by "Bhip Cau Dau Tu - The Business Review"

Disrptiv Exchange is expanding its business to Vietnam

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Disrptiv Exchange just announced its business expansion through strategic partnership in Vietnam market: AKA Digital Vietnam.

Being headquartered in Singapore, Disrptiv Exchange, providing B2B Marketplace as a platform - glassRun. This is the digitized solution for sales, as well as the order fulfilment and logistics processes for brands owners in Marine Oil & Gas, Mining, Alco Beverage & FMCG companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar. For Vietnam market, in the future, Disrptiv Exchange will focus on FMCG and Alcohol Beverage.

In 2017, Disrptiv Exchange has its very first client in Vietnam is a Beverage company. After the success deployment, the company planned to expand the market in 2020. However, that plan was delayed due to the pandemic.

According to Jiten Pitkar - CEO and Founder of Disrptiv Exchange - there were two reasons for the company to speed up its activities in Vietnam. Firstly, the "moving factories to Vietnam" movement in order to better the supply chain management after pandemic, has made Vietnam to be one of the promising destination for global manufacturer. Secondly, the fast growth of E-commerce is putting manufacturers under pressure, therefore, they need digitalized all logistics and supply chain management system solutions, as well as distributors network, in order to adapt with the latest market.

Many things has changed since the pandemic, said Mr Jiten, hence brand owners in SEA have shifted from "why we have to digitalize" to "how we can digitalize efficiently?". And there is no exception for Vietnam market. According to Statista, the B2C ecommerce revenue in Vietnam is projected to be USD 14.8B in 2022 with an annual growth rate of around 16.48% in Vietnam. B2B ecommerce revenue is typically around 5 times that of B2C revenue and is projected to be around USD 80B in 2022. "That's why Disrptiv Exchange's members are in the first group that come to Vietnam right after the government allow commercial flights", Mr Jiten shared.

Partnering with AKA Digital is in our company's strategy. With 25-year experience doing business in Asia, Mr Jiten knows this market is very unique, business activities can only develop on trust and local culture. Therefore, having a local partner that understands deeply the culture and verified by global enterprise like AKA Digital - A Gold Partner of Oracle in Vietnam - is aligned with our development plan.

“Partnering with Disrptiv Exchange is part of AKA Digital's strategy to perfect our CX portfolio, strengthen our expertise as a Martech consultant and provide a platform to create seamless CX platforms for businesses in Vietnam, especially in FMCG industry.” – Mr. Nguyen Minh Long – CEO of AKA Digital said.

AKA Digital is a member of Lava Digital Group, a Top 3 Independent Digital Media Agency in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience, AKA team specializes in providing leading Marketing Technology (Martech) solutions for large enterprises and corporations to create the best Customer Experience (CX).

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