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Your Private B2B Mobile Commerce Platform


glassRUN is a Digital Unified Commerce Platform that simplifies & automates the process of buying, selling & fulfilment across the end-to-end distribution network of an enterprise.  Enterprises use glassRUN  to provide a superior experience to their primary & secondary customers across the value chain. With glassRUN, enterprises can setup their very own digitally enabled and mobile ready Private B2B Store.


glassRUN Advantages

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A Private B2B Store Advantage - as opposed to a public eCommerce platform. On a generic eCommerce platform you are competing for brand space and your customers have a shared experience. The glassRUN B2B Store gives you a dedicated digital presence with your customer. This gives you the ability to own, influence and enhance customer experience.

“Our customers use the glassRUN platform to setup dedicated B2B stores which gives them a distinct advantage over the competition”


Grow your sales and increase your market share.


The “First Time Right” Advantage - the ubiquitous automation capabilities of glassRUN means that you can embed stock availability, credit validation, pricing, promotion and fulfilment rules so that every order that your customers place and every invoice that you generate is First Time Right.

“Our customers have significantly reduced their order and invoicing processing time from a few days to a few secs by completing eliminating manual error prone processes and replacing them with intelligent glassRUN automation.”


Shrink the Order to Cash cycle.

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The Customer Satisfaction Advantage -  with glassRUN your customers get a simple & easy mobile app to browse catalogues, place orders, track deliveries and provide feedback. The self-service features in the app reduce unnecessary touch points between your customers and your customer service teams. This frees up your teams to engage your customers more meaningfully and speedily.


"We have examples in our install base where customer complaints have been reduced by 100% and customer satisfaction has increased by 300%."

Retain and Nurture your Customers.

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The “Same Day Delivery” Advantage efficiencies gained in order processing time coupled with the glassRUN Delivery Automation functions will give you the capability to execute On-Time-In-Full Same Day deliveries.


“Our customers have achieved significant efficiencies in their logistics and warehouse processes. Some of them have optimised their fleet by up to 33% , while others have maximised their daily vehicle loads.”


Get your brands on those shelves in the fastest possible time.


The “Single Version of the Truth” Advantage glassRUN seamless integrates with enterprise systems. This ensures integrity of data and uniformity of processes across the value chain.


“glassRUN has been successful deployed with integration to enterprise grade ERP, CRM and Data Analytics platforms”



Extend the reach & effectiveness of your enterprise systems to your marketplace.

A Future Proof Private B2B Marketplace

A Single, Simple, Unified, Continuous & Consistent Platform

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Tangible Business Benefits as experienced by glassRUN Customers

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Customer Satisfaction

100% reduction in customer complaints       about order processing by achieving           First Time Right order processing.

300% increase in customer satisfaction         by achieving higher OTIF measures.

Shift from next-day delivery to same-day     delivery.

Greater customer engagement through       real-time digital means.


Sales Growth

Order processing time reduced from 36       hours to 30 seconds leading to higher         volumes of orders processed per day.

Significant increase in inventory                     movement velocity across the value

   chain resulting in lower inventory cover       and a positive effect on working capital.     There are examples of inventory cover         reducing by 60% with some of our               customers.


Productivity Gains

Significant decrease in person hours for       logistics coordination and planning.             Some of our customers have

   experienced a 200% gain.

 Almost 100% elimination of loading             errors.

Optimisation of transportation fleet.             Some of our customers have reduced

   their transport costs by up to 33%.

glassRUN is Easy to Buy, Quick to Deploy and gives Rapid Results.


You can get up and running on a complete digital B2B Commerce platform in a matter of  few weeks with glassRUN.

Use Case

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Use Case

Use Case

Use Case

Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

glassRUN has established use cases in the Consumer Goods & Downstream Distribution industries in markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia.

Mobile enabled B2B Commerce Store 

A private B2B commerce store gives your products & brands a dedicated digital presence in the marketplace. Digitally engage your B2B customers and grow your market share.

State controlled supply of essential commodities

The big challenge posed by Covid-19 is to ensure timely and accurate supply of essential commodities. glassRUN can be used to digitize and streamline this essential supply chain to give state run distribution centres complete control and visibility.


glassRUN Core Functions


A 360 degree real-time view across the value chain. An invaluable digital asset for your customer service, logistics and S&OP teams to gain visibility across the entire distribution network. The Digital Control Tower:

  • Enables end-to-end track & trace.

  • Is a central repository of all electronic documents.

  • Captures a complete chronology of events through an accurate geo-stamped digital audit trail.

  • Allows for management by exception through a configurable “Traffic Light” system.

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  • Allow easy order creation through a glassRUN Order Management portal or mobile app.

  • Automate rules & validations such as credit limits, stock availability with real-time integration to ERP.

  • Setup automated workflows based on order approval processes.


  • Track all orders in the system in real-time through the glassRUN Digital Control Tower.

  • Allow your customers to easily track their orders in real-time through the glassRUN Customer App.

  • Collect instant feedback from your customers and engage with them digitally through the glassRUN Customer App.

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  • Automate notifications to manufacturing, warehouse and transportation with accurate order details.

  • Allow easy scheduling of delivery orders.

  • Optimize loads, maximize loading bay capacities and minimize truck resident time.


  • Digital Handshakes throughout the process for accurate digital trail.

  • “Over-the-air” management of goods in transit.

  • Digital "Sign On Glass".

  • Returns Management.

  • Payment Gateway.

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