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Change the way your BRAND sells.

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Your Private B2B Marketplace As A Service Platform

glassRUN is a Digital Marketplace As A Service Platform that is used by brand owners to digitise their buying, selling & fulfilment processes across their primary and secondary markets.


Enterprises use glassRUN to provide a superior experience to their primary & secondary customers across the value chain.

With glassRUN, enterprises can setup their very own digitally enabled and mobile ready Private Digital B2B Marketplace.

gR Advantage

The glassRUN Advantage




glassRUN is a Private B2B Marketplace, as opposed to a public eCommerce platform. On a generic eCommerce platform, you are competing for brand space, and your customers have a shared experience.

The glassRUN B2B Marketplace is setup, centred on your brand, products, policies and customers. This gives you the ability to own, influence and enhance customer experience.

Your BRAND RULES with glassRUN.


The “First Time Right” Advantage -


glassRUN is an intelligent platform that digitises the end-to-end process, from Sales Inquiry to Order Delivery for both the primary and secondary markets.

The platform empowers your teams with clever automations enabling them to optimise the output to your customers.

“Our customers have significantly reduced order processing time, inventory holding costs and order fulfilment costs while increasing On Time In Full performance across the ecosystem.”


A platform in the COMMAND of EMPOWERED TEAMS.


The Customer Satisfaction Advantage - 


glassRUN is a platform that is designed in the service of your customers. It gives your customers the means to digitally engage with you and your partners through a simple, convenient and effective interface.

The platform gives you and your partners a significantly improved capability to service your customers.

"Increased customer satisfaction and decreased customer attrition are direct and evident benefits of glassRUN."

Retain and Nurture your Customers.


The Revenue Growth Advantage


With glassRUN you are able to attract more customers and thus increase your market share.

The glassRUN app is like a Digital Sales rep in the pockets of your customers. This friendly and smart rep brings your best offerings to your customers thus increasing your share of the wallet.


“Increase your market share, improve up-sell and cross-sell rates and add new revenue streams.”

A platform to POWER your REVENUE GROWTH.


The “Single Version of the Truth” Advantage


glassRUN seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems. This ensures integrity of data and uniformity of processes across the value chain.


“glassRUN gives you a clear line of sight across the marketplace that enables deep market insights powering meaningful collaboration amongst your teams for a seamless execution of your strategies.”

A platform to drive HYPER PRODUCTIVITY.

A Future Proof Private B2B Marketplace

A Single, Simple, Unified, Continuous & Consistent Platform

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glassRUN is used by leading brands across Asia in countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Australia.

Find out how you can setup a Private B2B Marketplace for your Brand that has the simplicity of B2C.


                                      CONTACT SALES:

Customer Support Representative


60, Paya Lebar Rd,#09-43, Paya Lebar Square,

Singapore 409051

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