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A ground-breaking B2B Marketplace platform designed to revolutionize your business.

B2B Marketplace Digitization

Single integrated industry 4.0 digital platform

Fit for purpose suite of mobile apps, portals & workflows

Deployed across the entire marketplace

Powered by generative AI and advanced analytics

This bold new approach positions your business at the forefront of innovation, driving growth and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Maximize revenues while  reducing costs
Create value across the entire network
Optimize your route to market
Captivate your customers with enhanced experiences
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A Product of

Why should you consider a digital 
B2B Marketplace?

End To End Value chain
B2B Marketplace for Brand Supplier
Brand Owner

Foster stronger engagement with your B2B clients with B2C like experiences

Stay ahead of the trends and capitalize on the first mover advantage in your industry

Reduce your cost to serve and uncover hidden margins by streamlining your supply chain

Enhance network agility within your fulfilment ecosystem and foster effective collaboration

Maximize market coverage and boost e-Revenue without proportional increase in sales costs

Take a proactive stance by embracing digital technologies and position your business to shape and define the future of your industry

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Packed with Innovative Features and Functions for

Live Digital Control Tower

Digital Yard Automation

Integrated Workbenches


Order Management

ePod & Return Management

Analytics Dashboard

This is why leading global companies have adopted glassRUN over the last 10 years

Unparalleled Competitive Advantage

Digital Sales Rep with Promotions and Offers

Replenishment Vs Net New Uplift

Strategically deploy up-selling techniques to deliver personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and seamless user experiences to enhance sales and offer additional value to your  customers during the ordering process.

Digital Twin

Boost collaboration and empower your teams with a 360° real-time Digital Control Tower supported by intelligent automations, customised workflows and event driven notifications.

Digital Control Tower
Suggestive Scheduling and Route Optimization


Reduce miles per load through intelligent load optimisation, suggestive routing and end-to-end track & trace.

Actionable Insights

Unlock the power of quality decision making with the embedded analytics feature built on a robust data model that collects real-time, accurate and continuous data from all dimensions of your marketplace.

Improved margins and Lower Cost to Server

Discover limitless possibilities for business growth with glassRUN

glassRUN transformative impact extends across Asia-Pacific.

Industry Focus

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Live Deployments

Consumer Packed Good
Consumer Electronics
Oil and
Industrial Automation
Building Material
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