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glassRUN is a flagship product of

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We Make it Easy!

At Disrptiv, we believe in providing simple solutions to complex problems. We are in the business of digitising and transforming traditional methods and processes with innovative technologies that have compelling use cases in the real world. We believe in ease of doing business and building long-term strategic partnerships with our customers, employees, and alliance partners.

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Our Approach

We resolve complex business problems through a fresh and innovative approach, based on simplicity & creativity, that you will not experience with any conventional provider

Simple to USE, Easy to BUY, Quick to DEPLOY.

Our Solution

We promise an outcome that is realised in quick time and that ALWAYS delivers a definite and measurable benefit.

Our Promise

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Meet The Leadership Team


Jiten Pitkar

Customer Success Officer, Founder & CEO

Our vision is to positively disrupt the traditional B2B marketplace with practical use of contemporary digital technologies and approaches. Our passion is to drive unparalleled success for our customers and to deliver to them net positive increase in efficiency, productivity and profitability. My job is to stay true to this vision, stay committed to our customers and to effectively channel the superb energies of my team. And now meet my team…


Nimish Desai

Customer Success Officer,
Co-Founder & CTO

Marrying business puzzles and innovative technology is my jam! I'm all about finding smarter, faster ways to solve problems without breaking the bank. Building rocking relationships comes naturally to me, which is why clients, partners, and even my team think I'm pretty awesome.


Ankit Shah

Customer Success Officer & Chief Product Officer

I'm a roadmap master! Mapping out product plans with laser-focused milestones that quickly pay off is my kick. At Disrptiv, I get to strike the perfect balance between teaming up with clients on their growth goals and working with our product crew to launch glassRUN solutions that changes the game.


Freddy Bavaadam

Customer Success Officer & Strategic Account Manager

I am the go-to person at Disrptiv for getting things done. If there's a big idea to bring to life, they all come to me and I always cross the finish line with style. My strategy?  It's simple: know the right folks, understand the goal, and then it's go-time! As for managing glassRUN projects, consider them done and dusted with flair. We're not just ticking boxes; we're making waves that are intended to create an impact!


Shashank Vaishampayan

Customer Success Officer & Senior Technical Architect

Don't let my (maybe) few grey hairs fool you. I'm all about future-proofing! ‍ My years of experience fuel my passion for quality delivery assurance, keeping both colleagues and customers ahead of the innovation curve. At Disrptiv, I contribute to the product on cutting-edge technology, built on a foundation of rock-solid expertise.  My skills are awesome, but my experience is the secret sauce.

Heros Behind the Scenes

Arun Dubey

Principle DevOps Engineer

Sushil Sharma

Principle DevOps Engineer

Chetan Tambe

Senior DevOps Engineer

Sonu Singh

Senior DevOps Engineer

Nimesh Singh

Senior DevOps Engineer

Vijay Walkar

Quality Excellence Lead

Snehal Gawade

Quality Assurance Engineer

Dyan Largo-Afonso

Process Analyst & Documentation Specialist

Satyam Pundhir

UI/UX Designer

Gaurav Patil

Data Analytics Lead

Sharvari Rane

Senior DevOps Engineer

Manas Pandit

Senior DevOps Engineer

Suresh Yadav

Senior DevOps Engineer

Group Companies

clarisity logo.png

Clarisity is a Disrptiv Exchange group company. It is a premium service provider of Oracle & SAP ERP systems with deep industry experience in manufacturing, retail, and distribution verticals. Clarisity acts as the implementation & support arm for Disrptiv’s glassRUN platform. This means that every glassRUN implementation is backed by highly experienced value chain consultants with specialised industry expertise.

busrun logo.webp

busRUN is a SMART, SAFE and SECURE solution that brings peace of mind to everyone involved. It facilitates positive collaboration between parents, schools, and transport operators, easily and instantaneously, while monitoring and protecting students on school buses. busRUN is a modern, contemporary solution that comes to life on smart devices and state-of-the-art technologies.

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